Cocktails with Elsa: Miles’ Wit

Today’s cocktail recipe is brought to you by Elsa, one of Dinners With Dan‘s featured contributors!  

It’s Friday once again, and that means it’s time to sit back, relax, and celebrate the end of the work week.  And there’s no way better to enjoy that than with a good drink – and at Dinners With Dan, that means it’s time for another Cocktails with Elsa.  This time she’s sharing with us her recipe for Miles’ Wit: blackberry infused bourbon.  I know I can’t wait to try this!  Enjoy!


Today we’re going to go on adventure together. Prior to this last week, I had never made blackberry bourbon in my house before, but after trying it in a cocktail at Seattle’s Elysian Brewery, I just had to do something with it for myself!

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