Baking with Blaire: Haystack Cookies and Boneyard Brownies

Today’s recipe is brought to you by Blaire, one of Dinners With Dan‘s featured contributors!  

Halloween is just around the corner.  Decorations are starting to go up, invitations to parties are being sent, and the air is starting to have that familiar Autumnal crisp.  From pumpkin carving to making costumes, there are endless activities this time of year, but there’s one thing that unites them all: delicious Fall and Halloween food.

This week, in her second Baking with Blaire post for Dinners with Dan, Blaire is introducing us to two of her favorite Halloween-themed sweets.  I can’t wait to try them!

Haystack Cookies Cover

I want to be Kate Middleton.  There, I said it.  Any of my friends can tell you that I have royal fever, bad.  Since this is the season for pretend and make believe, I’m even considering being her for Halloween.  Baby bump or no baby bump, I haven’t decided.  Tiara, obvi.

What draws me to Kate, I think, is because she’s normal and yet still able to be a part of the ultra-exclusive clique known as the royal family.  I’m normal.  I’m polite.  I can wave. Why can’t I be a member too? I guess this falls in line with my undying, not-so-subconscious desire to be one of the cool kids.  Thanks for that, grade school.

Anyway, if we’re being completely honest, she’s livin’ the dream (and forgive me as I shrug off the immense responsibility of being a royal). She has the power, the looks, the clothes, the house, the money, the Prince (Albeit, not my first choice.  Team Harry, anyone?).  What I would give to be called “Your Highness,” to vacation with the Queen at Balmoral, to have my little Moo-cat frolic with the royal corgies; to work “Cheerio” and “bullocks” into my vernacular; to host a royal tea party.  The last one especially, I think I might die if I could kick it with Queen Elizabeth over some tea and tasty treats.

Now, Halloween is the time for parties, but I don’t think the Queen would tap in and join me for some tequila shots, so I’ll settle for tea as the beverage of choice.  But I can’t just serve tea, there would have to be snacks. Festive snacks.  Even us mere commoners have the problem of what to serve at our holiday parties.  What festive treats could I serve?  Scones? Boring. Crackers with caviar?  Disgusting. Cucumber tea sandwiches? Puked a little in my mouth.  After some deliberation, I finally settled on my Haystack Cookies and Boneyard Brownies.          

Haystack Cookies

What You’ll Need: 

  • – 1 bag (11 oz) butterscotch morsels
  • – 2 cups chow mein noodles
  • – 1 cup peanuts 

Haystack Cookie Ingredients

How To Make It: 

– Prepare two baking sheets lined with wax paper or tin foil.
– Melt butterscotch morsels over low heat in a medium sauce pan.
– Stir in chow mein noodles and peanuts.
– Drop heaping teaspoonfuls onto lined pans.
– Let stand for 20 minutes or until firm.

Haystack Cookies

Some Notes: 

– Do not microwave butterscotch morsels, as it ruins the consistency.
– When melting the butterscotch, use the two pot method for best results.  Fill a large pot halfway with water and let it boil.  Place a smaller pot above the larger pot so the steam can melt the chips (see picture).  Stir constantly.

Boneyard Brownies 

What You’ll Need:  

  • – 2 cups white yogurt pretzels
  • – boxed brownie mix
  • – 1-2 eggs depending on what the mix calls for
  • – oil
  • – water
  • – caramel sauce 

Broomstick Brownie Ingredients

How To Make It: 

 – Prepare brownie batter according to box instructions.
– Break up pretzels into smaller pieces either in a food processor or crunch in a plastic bag.
– Pour 1/3 of the brownie mix into the bottom of a 9×13 baking dish.
– Put two layers of pretzels on top of the poured mix.

Broomstick Brownies

– Pour the remaining batter over the pretzels.
– Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
– Let brownies cool for 15 minutes.
– Drizzle caramel sauce over the top.

Broomstick Brownies Final

Some Notes: 

– Like my Pumpkin Patch Cookies, these are customizable as well. Feel free to use any kind of pretzel you want.  I used regular (see picture).  When cut, the cross sections of the pretzels are white and look like bones in the brownie batter.  Using white yogurt pretzels will intensify this effect.
– If you are breaking up the pretzels in a food processor, don’t overdue it.  The recipe calls for pretzel pieces, not pretzel dust.

These festive treats are perfect for any Halloween party, even a Halloween tea with the Queen.  Now, as my jolly good Halloween tea would come to an end, we’d share a last minute anecdote about the Princes’ last polo match, put our gloves back on, and hug each other goodbye, promising to “do this again sometime.”  But alas, like the magic of dressing up for Halloween, this is just make believe and never to be.  My independent drive, my inability to fall in line, my lack of propriety, and my pension for swearing and drinking like a sailor are many of the reasons why I will never be a royal.  At least I’ll always have my imaginary tea party, though.  For now, let me live that fantasy…


Thanks so much for this recipe, Blaire!  I can’t wait until your next Baking With Blaire post!

As always, if you feel inspired to make this delicious recipe, let me know how it goes!  Tweet me, comment below, or post on the Dinners With Dan Facebook page!

Until next time, happy cooking!

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